Ruben aka Tito (flipthaswitch1) wrote in wobbers,
Ruben aka Tito

Just a Fan

Hey you guys, Ive had your Community on my LJ list for a long time now just checking into all the news and seeing where Britney has gone and goes. Well today I was watching E and they had a re-run of a Britney Story they did back when before she had went out and cancelled her whole Onxy Hotel Tour. My question is and the thing that has been borthering me most latly is that, Even though I hear all this news about Britney and how she has done this done that, been here, been that, and has been called out on so many occations, Im wondering when she is coming back into the Spot Light as an Artist ? As an individual, Someone who is gonna stand up for what they believe in and put out another track does explains or indores somthing oh her whole spectacal. I really really miss seeing Britney on Tv. I miss seeing her at Events, I miss seeing her Videos and the things she has done. I realized that Ive had this community on my list for a really long time and have hardly ever posted any of my thoughts on anything in here - about her.

I know thier is a Rumor about Do Somthin coming out on Video and if thats true Im super excited because I think thats an awesome song ! Ive been a Britney Fan since day one and if theirs anyone out their who gives me inspiration its her.. So im just wondering - Why hasnt Britney come back out ? I miss Her..


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